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Max Lehouiller


Max is a  junior at Rocky Hill School. Max is interested in how music and new media can transform mindsets and engage all types of people in a shared experience. The language of music and film has the ability cross  divides and bring people together. This passion led to the idea of creating a festival that celebrates diversity in music and media for and by young people. This would be a forum for exposure and celebration of film, music, and media which fosters an understanding of artistic expression as a language and as a means of cultural communication. We would bring together musicians and filmmakers from southern New England to create an experience that would introduce their art to the world.


Max believes that if we create room for shared experiences we will have a deeper understanding of one another.





Neha Basu


Pascale Burnett


Mo Danmola


Nick McConnell


Grady Sumrall


Eve Weiner




Emily Serotta


Matt Gnolfo

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